How Long Has This Been Going On

"Chris Rutkowski's rendition of "How Long Has This Been Going On" ranks as my favorite non-Gershwin Gershwin on the disc. Rutkowski has roots both in classical and in jazz. His take on one of Gershwin's best sounds like the ideal improvisation-spontaneous, no nattering, every note necessary, and revealing new depths in the song. It reminded me in spots of Bill Evans' meditative solos. In his liner notes, Glazier remarks on allusions to "Fascinating Rhythm." I hear little figures from "The Man I Love" and "Bess, You is My Woman Now" as well. If nothing else, this shows how thoroughly Rutkowski has absorbed Gershwin's melodic, harmonic, and keyboard habits."

Steve Schwartz, "George Gershwin, Remembrance and Discovery, V. 2"

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