Fireworks for string quartet

4 stars

"Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center University of Indianapolis Monday, March 22, 2010 Last Monday evening, New Century String Quartet celebrated ten years of friendship. Being a "birthday" party, the night's festive spirit was sustained by the quartet's joy at being together, and shone through in their exuberant music. Composer Chris Rutkowski's "Fireworks" piece from his Nocturnes was an excellent showcase for the dynamic of the group.

The piece started with the haunting chords of a nocturne; then flowed into a sinister movement representing the soaring path of a rocket. After the first initial burst of music, the piece became aleatoric in nature, giving the players free reign to play individually without coordinating with each other. In the end, after the brilliant individual bursts of music, the group returned to cohesion and finished triumphantly."

Joshua Hunt, "Review: New Century String Quartet" NUVO, March 30, 2010

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