Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind Ensemble (2012)

Consortium Commission by Indiana Univ, Emory Univ., Univ. Of Wisc.-Whitewater, Truman State Univ., Univ. of Idaho. Thomas Walsh, Commission Coordinator. (Read the Review) Here is a performance by the Indiana University Wind Ensemble, Steven Pratt conductor, and soloist Thomas Walsh.


In two movements:
1. "La Luna d'Oro" Begins quietly and intensifies rhythmically and dynamically to a climax, then gradually releases. The cadenza completes the relaxation and raises the energy level while linking thematic material from the first and second movements. The second movement begins attacca.

2. "NOLA". Based on authentic Second Line rhythms of New Orleans, LA (NOLA). Two sections alternate between the two sides of the New Orleans clave-first 3-2 then 2-3. An exuberant and joyous movement, it ends with a bang.

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