Divertimento (2002, rev. 2006)

Flute/Clarinet/Violin/Cello/Piano, c. 20'

1. Prologue: Toccata attacca
2. Air
3. Echoes
4. Song, with Words Unsung attacca
5. Epilogue: Toccata

Premiered by the Ronen Chamber Ensemble. Inspired by the neoclassic works of Stravinsky. The first movement provides fundamental motivic material for the entire work. The second movement features shakuhatchi techniques in the flute. The third adapts the opening harmonies into staccato attacks which are sustained by sympathetic vibrations in the strings of the piano. The fourth sets the text of a poem by the commissioner, Ann Bretz-the text appears in the score but the words are unsung. Newly revised for 2006 and to be recorded by the Ronen Ensemble. (Read the Reviews)


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