Changes (2017)

Saxophone Quartet, 19' 15"

Commissioned by 10 quartets, led by commission organizer Ancia Quartet of Minneapolis, and including: Assembly Quartet (MI), Chanceux Saxophone Quartet (WI), ChagallPAC Saxophone Quartet (MA), h2 Quartet (OK), Ken Radnofsky (MA), Quartetto Obrigado (LA), Syringa Saxophone Quartet (ID), Vertex Saxophone Quartet (NY) and Zzyzx Quartet (TX)

In three movements:

1. "Varations Siri"-inspired by the dictation mistakes made by our smart phones on the word "saxophone". The theme is from the Creston Sonata with four variations: "SaxaSaxaSaxaSaxa" (echoing feedback loop), "Sex Phone" (actual Siri dictation failure), "Apex Shoon" (meaningless Siri-generated anagram), "Sex Frost" (another actual dictation error).
2. "Hope, A Lament for Those Who Left Too Soon". Featuring two alternating sections: The first austere and reflective, the second is a slow but swinging and uplifting gospel waltz.
3. "Dark Water (The River Vanishes...)" A stylized depiction of the Platte River in Nebraska, which suddently disappears underground only to reappear just as abruptly.


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